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Computer Health Is your computer running slow? Do you turn on your computer and have enough time to get a cup of coffee before it’s ready for you? If you said YES, your computer might need a checkup. Just like humans, when we work and don’t take time to rest, we get run down and feel sluggish. How do we fix that? We call our doctor. How awesome would it be to have a doctor monitoring you every day? With [web]Neighbor’s Cardigan Service, you have your computer’s health monitored 24/7. We make sure your Firewall and Anti-Virus programs are running and that you have the latest patches. We will even take the trash out for you and clean off those old Temporary and Junk Files that everyone forgets are there and are slowing down your web surfing and computer.Anti-Virus Finally, [web]Neighbor holds the trust of our customers to the highest of standards. Our Monitoring Software is fully private and secure.

We get sick through contact with other infected humans. Our computers get sick the same way. Ten years ago, the number of unique Internet threats appearing per hour was about 3. Today, that is the number of unique Internet threats that appear every second — some 8,200 per hour. More specifically, the number of malware threats shot up from 1,000 at the start of 2012 to 350,000 by year’s end. [web]Neighbor offers an Anti-Virus solution to keep your computer safe.

So if you want your computer to run like it did when you first bought it, sign up for [web]Neighbor’s Cardigan Service.

Computer System Cleanup

Cardigan Service

  • Speed up your computer like it was new
  • Make Browsing the Internet faster
  • Scans Registry for missing or incorrect entries
  • Cleans Temporary and Offline files
  • Cleans Junk Files
  • Cleans Unnecessary Registry entries
  • Speeds up Boot time
  • Cleanup On-Site or Remotely*
[stripe description=”System Cleanup” amount=”250.00″ image_url=”” payment_button_label=”Schedule a System Cleanup” billing=”true” enable_remember=”true”]
*On-site Cleanup limited to only the Metropolitan Phoenix, AZ area at this time.

Cardigan Service

Cardigan Service

  • Monitors both Windows and Macs
  • Monitors Hardware Heat/Internal Temperature
  • Makes sure Security(Firewall, Anti-Virus) is Active
  • Makes sure Computer is Updated
  • Cleans up Temporary and Junk Files
  • Speeds up Startup & Running Environments
  • Speeds up Internet Experience
  • Monitors & Cleans Viruses, Worms, and Malware*
  • Backup & Restore Files*
  • Plans starting at $25 per month
[stripe description=”Cardigan Computer Health” billing=”true” enable_remember=”true”] [stripe_subscription show_details=”false” default=”cardigan”] [stripe_plan id=”cardigan” label=”Cardigan Basic ($25.00)”] [stripe_plan id=”cardigan-antivirus” label=”Cardigan Anti-Virus ($15.00)”] [stripe_plan id=”cardigan-security” label=”Cardigan Security Bundle ($35.00)”] [/stripe_subscription] [/stripe]
*Additional Services Required (Cardigan Anti-Virus & Cardigan Backup)
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