Major Changes :: Shock & Awe

So April flew by and May has come and gone. We’ve been busy restructuring [web]Neighbor. We’ve had to seriously decide on direction and make some equally major changes. This Monday Mayhem is going to come as Shock to some and Awe to others.

First up – We don’t want to send anyone to the Emergency Room, so we will let you know what is staying. We are keeping our Cardigan Service intact. We believe that the only way to have a happy computer is to keep it maintained and healthy. We will keep our service streamlined to the Monitoring Service only; however, as we receive requests for more services, we will revisit the suite of services we offer.

The second is the decision to remove the options of our Business Services. We realized that we simply don’t have the resources to provide Help Desk services and Consulting to Small Businesses. We will keep offering Computer Health Monitoring and Server Health Monitoring; however, we won’t be managing other business services.

Finally, this decision is the one that breaks our hearts the most. We will not be offering On-Site computer repair any longer. We are also not going to be available by phone. Because of our limitation of resources, we won’t be able to deploy Technicians any longer. We are very sad about this but we know it is the best decision for now. All Support Requests will need to be submitted through email or on our Help! Support page.

We want to thank everyone for your understanding and support. Enough Mayhem for today…

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