Over the years IT guys have asked ourselves how to fix problems. We have consulted Knowledge base articles, looked in user manuals, asked email groups, and even asked Google for the answer, but there is one thing I have learned that brings all our information into one question: WWR2D — What Would R2D2 Do?r2-d2 I’ve always been interested in the one Star Wars character that seems to have the answer for everything; broken hyper-drive, active garbage compactor, location of a princess, and the list goes on. He has more gadgets than Inspector Gadget himself, and his gadgets are always practical. Now I get to connect the dots between R2’s gadgets and real life computer support.

  1. The Computer Interface Arm — The best thing to do when you start noticing trouble with your computer is to look for any error messages. R2, simply plugs into a terminal, spins off some requests and finds out what has happened to the Hyper Drive. We get pop-ups, and strange beeps and dings, and sometimes receive a message that tells us what is happening. It’s not always understandable, but writing down what those error messages say is a great place to start.
  2. Periscope — When R2-D2 falls into the swampy water on Dagobah, a little periscope pops up, letting Luke know that he’s Ok. If you have [web]Neighbor’s Cardigan service, you have a periscope of your own. We receive regular updates on how your computer is feeling; however, you can see the health of your computer also. A great tool for your computer to let you know everything will be Ok.
  3. The Holoprojector — “You’re my only hope.” is the first message we see from R2’s holoprojector. It’s used throughout the course of R2-D2’s life for communication. Here at [web]Neighbor we have a couple of tools that allow us to view who we are talking to or their computer. Skype is a great tool that has been around for a while. It not only has great audio and visual abilities, it also allows for the desktop to be shared. The lighter remote fix tool that we use in our Computer Health Monitoring software allows us to see your desktop but we can also use our mouse and keyboard to get the fixes completed.
  4. Retractable Arms — Oil Injector, Claw, Electric Pike, or Buzz Saw, R2’s retractable arms are great tools. We get to reach out and ask for help. [web]Neighbor has a great assortment of resources to choose from. Networking, Office products, Facebook security, we have the knowledge. All you have to do is ask.
  5. Fire Extinguisher — Finally, my personal favorite. With the fire extinguisher, R2 has saved the Millennium Falcon from an internal fire, C-3PO from “melting”, and helped his friends escape from Cloud City by using it as a smoke screen. Now we may not hit your computer with a fire extinguisher if it gets too hot, but we do start running diagnostics if it does. WE have seen computers get so hot they melt from the inside out. Our diagnostics will test to see if there is a software or hardware issue with your computer. We can get it before your computer melts down. It’s like having a little fire extinguisher in your computer all the time.

I know it’s fun seeing how a little robot can explain what kinds of tool we have and use. It is what inspires us here at [web]Neighbor. Asking the question, “How can we make this easy for people to understand?” We understand that not everyone can sit down to a computer and get it to do what they want it to. We understand that you have skills and even gifts that help you do your job better. We believe that our skills and gifts are meant to help you with your computer questions. Ask us. We will do our best to answer in a way that anyone — including my mom — can understand.

Won’t you be our… [web]Neighbor?

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