Last Day of March Madness

Hello [web]Neighbors. Today is March 31 and that means March Madness is coming to an end. We wanted to update you on how March Madness has been, so here is an update. We have had one new page like and a few new neighbors sharing to their friends — Thank you. We have had lots of nibbles and questions — and I will be following up you all today. We have had a very good week; however, we haven’t reached our goal of 50 new subscribers.

With all this information, you’d think we would be down. We’re not. The word needs to get out and we can still tell our friends about [web]Neighbor. We aren’t just another “computer repair shop”. The fact is, we are here to come along side you and be there for you whenever you need help with your computer, or Word, or “the Internet”, or even Facebook. We want to be the people you turn to when you have a question.

So, let’s finish March by sharing our page and getting your friends to Like it. The March Madness subscription coupon is still available here. And finally, always remember the question dear to our hearts…

Won’t you be our [web]Neighbor?

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