March Madness

Ok. We’ve been doing some thinking and March Madness is all about statistics and challenges. So we put our heads together and came up with some statistics and a challenge for our readers. This might get a bit geeky, but hang with us. It will all come together in the end.

The Statistics

We did a BUNCH of number crunching and found that the average price of a computer — laptop of desktop — ranges between $800.00 and $1000.00. Based on the frequency of major upgrades for Operating systems and Applications, these computers are expected to last approximately three to four years (and we found that most Corporate Financial Departments we talked to are depreciating Computer assets for three years). This means that your average computer will cost somewhere in the range of $267.00 to $333.00 per year. This is not counting the cost of the headache of slow internet browsing or a web page loading with no pictures or it taking longer to start your computer than to make a cup of coffee. After three years, are you ready to get a new computer? We know you will be ready to throw it out a window — we hear it every day.

So, let’s take the cost of the [web]Neighbor Cardigan service — $25.00 per month. That is $300.00 per year to have someone monitor, clean, and report to you the status of your computer. This keeps your computer light and fast; just like it was when you first purchased it. Little to no headaches, access to someone who can assist you when you need it. A place to go online that will have your answers at the clickety-clack of a keyboard.

Now, let’s put the monthly cost into perspective. $25.00 will let you purchase a new release movie on Blue Ray, have a meal for two at the local restaurant or make three coffee runs to your favorite coffee place. Compared to the cost of getting a new computer, $25.00 doesn’t seem too much. Let’s also look at what it would cost to run a system clean up. If you are as good about maintaining your computer as you are about maintaining your vehicle, a cleanup should take you 30 minutes to an hour every month; however, if you are like most people, you don’t think about cleanup until your computer is causing you headache. We had a service call that ended up being a system cleanup the other day that took 4 hours. It was on a computer system that we serviced two months ago that took us three. The Windows updates weren’t done. The hard drive was severely fragmented. And it hadn’t been turned off since we had done the last cleanup. The total cost for those calls was $700.00 — just about the price of the laptop.

What are we getting at you ask? Well here it comes:

The Challenge

We are so excited about our service that we want to give our readers the opportunity to save some money and maybe even get something in return. From now until March 31, 2015, we will be offering a 20% discount to anyone that signs up for the [web]Neighbor Cardigan Service. We know we are reaching viewers, but we are not seeing many new faces coming around the site. We also know that there is no better referral than a personal one. So, here we what we are asking of you. Help us meet our goal of 50 new subscriptions by the end of March. How can you help?

  • Tell all your friends about [web]Neighbor and get them to Like the Facebook page.
  • Sign up for the [web]Neighbor Cardigan Service if you haven’t already
  • Get your friends to sign up and have them put your name in the Referred by field

Then enjoy knowing that your computer’s health is being monitored, your computer is being maintained, and you are part of a group of [web]Neighbors that are here for you in your time of technical need.

Oh yeah! Almost forgot. If we meet our goal, we will give the individual with the most referrals a full year of Cardigan Service absolutely free. That’s a $300.00 value.

So what are you waiting for?

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