It’s a Beautiful Day in the [web]Neighborhood…

A beautiful day for a [web]Neighbor! July 1, 2014 is here and so is the [web]Neighbor re-boot. We are starting the second half of this year in celebration. We have an ongoing contract for consulting services, two quotes for Managed Support, and 5 new Cardigan subscribers. But we are not going to stop here. It’s time for everyone in our circles to join with us and get the word out about their favorite place to go to get answers for their computer questions.

Share with your friends the services of [web]Neighbor. Get them to share with their friends. Let’s start seeing everyone we know sign up for Cardigan service.

For the month of July, sign up now and get a year of Cardigan service at $15.00 per month. That is a 25% discount.

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