Two weeks before the Grand Re-Opening

With two weeks left, we are working hard to get everything ready for you. We have been working on fine tuning our Cardigan service.

We have our Desktop Tools in place and have finished our new Help! tracking system. We are seeing that all our ducks are getting in a row. We are now working on our payment systems and electronic newsletter systems. But with any electronic system, things need to be tested, so here is where you come in…

We would like to extend an offer to anyone interested.

From now until the Grand Re-Opening on June 30, 2014, if you sign up for [web]Neighbor’s Cardigan service, and help test our registration process with us, we will thank you with a 50% discount. This means that you would get your computer’s health monitored with the [web]Neighbor Cardigan service and full access to Help! for the low price of $10 per month for each computer you register.

Click here to Register your Computer

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